The Secred Buddhish Suburga or Enlightenment Stupa. It was built in 2005 on the island of Ogoy. The 8 – meters construction is made of concrete and consist of there levels, dome and steeple.
The word "suburga" in sanscrit language means “the top”. According to Buddhism, stupa is the sumbol of the mountain Mery, which contains the axis, connecting the Earth and Meaven and all human beings with the world of Gods.

Stupas are also symbols of the ways of Buddhism – self – cognition and total Enlightenment. They are destined to eliminate all negative obstacles in the world.

Stupa is a material incarnation of Buddha. In Buddhism, everyone who contacts with stupas (see them, make goroo (walkaround them) and make gifts), earns great spiritual values and gets free from suffering. The construction of stupa has hollow places from the inside. They contain different relics, which bring blessing and give religious meaning to the construction.

The first level of stupa contains weapon as a symbol of prevention conflicts and wars. The next levels keep containers with coins, precious metals and jems. It symbolizes protection of all human beings from poverty and brings luck and prosperity. But the main place inside of stupa belongs to ancient texts of mantras and books – the heritage of Tibetan culture. They contain the doctrine of Buddha. 2,5 tonnes of mantras and 700 kg of books were brought speci of mantras and 700 kg of books were brought specially from Nepal.

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