Lake Han

Lake Khankhoy is located in the western steppe part of the island Olkhon. It,s known as a great place for swimming and fishing. The length of the lake is goo meters, the width is 500 meters. From the North the lake is separated from Baikal by a group of rocks, from which a terrific view on Maloe Sea with its small islands and Ridge Primorskiy is opened. From the East the lake is separated from Baikal by a 30 - 50 meters sand bar.

In this bar there is a narrow, about 1 - 2 meters, channel. It,s very shallow - 15 - 20 santimeters and sometimes it even gets dry, but the fish get from Baikal in spring time through it.

Not far from the lake several archeological monuments are located. Near the western part of the lake there are remains of the ancient (VII cent. B. C. - X cent.) ritual complex, which includes more than 20 stone constructions; and also more modern (XVII - XIX cent.) cult complex with 3 stone obo. At the top of a rocky wall, which separates the lake from Maloe Sea, an ancient cemetery and remains of some cult constructions were found

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