The northernmost cape of Olkhon is Khoboy (in the buryat language means "white fang"). It,s an impressive high and narrow cliff. The height of the cape is about 80 meters and it,s not possible to descend to water. But it,s quite possible to reach that point by boat. From the views of the cape are completely different, and it resembles woman,s profile with a head and bust. Like all unusual objects of nature, cape Khoboy is the theme of tales and legends, thought up manu centuries ago.

Cape Khoboy is located near the widest place of Baikal (79,5 kilometers)and when the weather is good and the atmosphere is clear, one can see the Eastern shore, the mountainous shape of Saint Nose peninsula.

On the top of the Eastern shore of the island, near Cape Khoboy, there are 2 grottos oriented exactly to East. Even dry surface of grottos covered by sand are good for spending a night and it,s possible to watch the sunrise just from there. On the western tip of the island a special spot for Olkhon,s shamans, tailagans (rituals) is located. The white fang of Khoboy can be seen from there and there are a lot of sairgai - a wooden poles for tethering post. On the shore of the lake, closer to south, there is a through cave with tunnels, leading inside of the rock. Closer to North, near Cliff Khoboy, you can make a photo of a natural through arc viewing to the western shore of the island.

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